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Tips to Maintain Tense Consistency in Your Essay

You might have come across many essays during your academic career. Every heard the teacher explain the importance of tense in an essay? Or have you ever been asked to revise the tenses that you have used in an essay? Whatever your answer maybe it is important to know how to keep the consistency of tenses in the essay. Maintaining consistency when completing ‘write my essay’ task is essential if the right meaning is needed to be portrayed through your writing. Want some tips on how you can master this art? Just read along and learn.

Tips to Master

Go down to the sentence level of your essay and see if a single sentence with multiple clauses is organized properly according to tense or not. What this means is that first of all try to make the sentence uniform according to the tense that is used. Secondly, if there is a need for multiple tenses, then arrange the clauses so that each clause of the same tense is in a single location of the sentence.

Try to highlight a single part of the essay with the same tense e.g if you are narrating details about the pas, then it is better than all the sentences belong to the past tense. If you are explaining about the discoveries of the future, all the tense should follow the future tense.

As a rule, remember to use present tense when you are trying to explain the facts and figures or discussing your own thoughts.

To add some added elements to the essay try to structure the sentence to explain the current happenings that are taking place during the essay writing process. Yes, it gets difficult sometimes to know exactly which tense to use. But it is not difficult for a professional essay writing service you may want to get for your next assignment.

When writing the essay, have full command over the time frame in which the particular action occurred. Did it happen in the past, present, future or is it currently happening? This would allow you to choose the right tense for the right occasion.

Unless there is an absolute need to change the tense then, by all means, do so. Otherwise, try to maintain the same sentence starting from the sentence, then the paragraph and then the whole essay. A consistent tense throughout the essay would ensure that the work is clear and effective for the reader. Having irregular tenses could easily cause confusion and may change the meaning of the sentence in some cases.

Let us take an example of a sentence to demonstrate the concept of tense consistency. “He is eating his lunch, watching the television and went outside to play”. The example shows the use of two tense one is the present and the other in the past. The sentence fails to convey the meaning.

It can be rearranged in the following ways to make the perfect sense. “He is eating his lunch, watching television and then he will go out to play” or “He went outside to play and now he is eating lunch and watching television.” As you can see all it took to change only 1 tense and the whole meaning of the sentence is back on track. You need to complete all these ‘write my essay for me’ tasks yourself.

As it may have already been clear, it is not such a huge task after all. All it takes is to remember from which time frame you are talking about and then construct the sentence accordingly. Maintaining consistency is the key like consistency of Hermione’s grades from Harry Potter.