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 Some Interesting Grooming Ideas For Your ESA


Do you love your emotional support animal? Of course, everybody does. They are a great help for the emotionally disturbed and mentally ill people. If you love your ESA maltipoo, you must love to keep it well-groomed. However, taking your emotional support animal be it a cat or a dog or any other animal to professional groomers could be very costly. You cannot give up on the grooming of your ESA due to the substantive cost of grooming because it is important for the health of your emotional support animal, which in return is important for your good health and emotional stability. Therefore, you can shift to grooming your ESA at home. Grooming your emotional support animal could be very exhausting but you love it and it helps you to kill some anxiety and depression.



Today as the world is recognizing the health benefits of emotional support animals, the idea of having an ESA is growing rapidly across the world. Now people have ESA more than ever. With the popularity of the ESA, there are a huge number of scammers that are trying to take advantage of the mantle illness of the people by selling them fake ESA letters. If you wish to avoid falling for any such scam, you should look at a legitimate emotional support animal letter sample before paying for your ESA letter online. You should make sure that your letter has all the necessary components that were included in the sample letter.

You should take care of your sheepadoodle like you take care of yourself. No one likes to stay dirty and have chaotic hair. Everyone wants to be all trimmed up and have nice hair. I bet you also love to stay all trimmed and tidied up. Similarly, your ESA also likes it when you keep them groomed. They do not want you to take them to a professional groomer and pay hundreds of dollars over a few appointments, they are more than happy if you do as much as you can. They would love to have you bath them, brush their hair, trim their hair, shampoo them, and untangle their matter hair. They would be glad to help you save your money by grooming them at home. I guess if given the option ESA would themselves choose to be groomed up by their owner instead of going to a professional groomer.

Getting your hands on all the grooming tools

If you are thinking of grooming your ESA pet yourself, you must have all the grooming tools of good quality. You know you will be saving some money by doing all the grooming yourself instead of taking it to a professional groomer. Therefore, you should invest some money in buying god grooming tools for your pet. You should have a hairbrush, with either rubber or metallic teeth, according to the length of your pet hairs. Having a pair of sharp scissors is a must. They are good for cutting the hair smoothly without any pulling or snagging that would be hurtful for the ESA siamese cat. Moreover, instead of using a clipper that you use yourself, you should buy a separate animal clipper for your dog, which will not be easier to use for you but would also be comfortable for your pet. On top of all that, you must have a good shampoo that is free of any chemical substance that could damage the skin of your pet. You should never use human shampoo and always buy animal shampoo that is made for your pet. Before applying shampoo to your pet, you should dilute it a little by adding some water, so that it is easier to wash.

Washing before and after grooming

Many people only wash their ESA pets after grooming them and others do it before grooming. However, I suggest that you should do it before the grooming process and after as well. Washing your calico cat before grooming would ensure that all the dirt is cleaned up and you can easily groom it. On the other hand, bathing the pet, be it a cat or a dog or a rodent, after grooming would ensure that all the hair that you have trimmed is removed from the body of your pet. I bet you take a bath after grooming yourself because it is too itchy. Similarly, pets also need to take a bath. However, you should ensure that the water is neither too hot nor too cold for the emotional support animal. You should make sure that you have got all the shampoo out of the coat of your ESA pet. Moreover, you should let them naturally dry off before brushing.

Arranging non-slippery place for grooming

You cannot begin grooming your ESA pet wherever you want. You should make sure that there are little to no chances of accidents in the place of grooming. It would be properly lit and should be non-slippery. In slippery places, there are more chances for accidents. You can slip, your dog can slip and get injured which is not good for anyone. Therefore, a non-slipper place is a must.

Know how to untangle the matted hair

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is bathing their pets with matted hair. They are trying to untangle the hair by shampooing and bathing the ESA pet. However, they only end up making it worse. Applying shampoo or water tightens the matted hair and makes it harder to manage. Therefore, instead of bathing one should apply some corn starch that will loosen the matt and then use a slick brush to get the hair untangled.

Pro tip: Many ESA great pyrenees shed a lot of hair in bathing, which clogs the drain. You can easily avoid it by wrapping steel wool around on your drain stopper. After bathing, you can remove the wool and say goodbye to blocked drains. 

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